Floor Preparation

Established in January 2004 Master Floor Preparers is the largest and most experienced commercial floor preparation company in Queenlsand.

With currently over 40 site based employees Master Floor Preparers can draw on the most experienced management and site workers in the industry.

Holding an Australia wide EBA, Master Floor Preparers has undertaken projects Australia wide covering Hospitals, Shopping Centres, Commercial and Residential Buildings.  Using our expertise we work with our customers to formulate the best solution for your floor preparation, polish and floor covering needs.

Master Floor Preparers plant includes the latest  machinery such as HTC, Husqvarna and Schibeci  to ensure the highest quality finish.

Master Floor Preparers have an excellent record in health and safety working under Job Specific Safe work method plans.

Master Floor Preparers offer wide and varied solutions to the Construction, Commercial  and Domestic markets, these services can be seen below.

Product Features

Floor Leveling

Master Floor Preparers (MFP) has undertaken some of the largest projects to date in QLD and have successfully levelled floors ready to receive any type of floor finish including direct stick timber, polyurethane cement and vinyl to name a few.

Master Floor Preparers partner with both Ardex and Davco who are known to be world leaders in supplying floor levelling materials.


Polished Concrete

Master Floor Preparers can undertake polished concrete  projects for both Commercial and Residential floors using our expertise and latest machinery either Husqvarna or HTC equipment.

Master Floor Preparers are certified for the Husqvarna Hyper Floor Systems and can polish to the finish required for your project,

Examples include Industrial, Commercial or Premium Finish. To date Master Floors Preparers has completed in excess of 40,000sqm of Husqvarna finishes.

Master Floor Preparers also work extensively with shopfitters where their requirements often differ. Shop fitters often require a traditional polish of 120 grit finish with clear UV stable polyurethane top coats, this is more cost and time effective.

To date Master Floor Preparers has completed in excess of 300,000sqm.

Master Floor Preparers also work with commercial landscapers who require a honed finish to 80 grit with penetrating sealer due to the strict slip ratings required for external finishes.  An example of Master Floor Preparers external works is the recently completed Pacific Fair project which was over 2,000sqm works for this project were completed to tight  timeframes and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Recently completed projects for Hyper floor include Target Mount Gravatt, Target Springfield and Big W Toowoomba and JB Hi-Fi stores.

Epoxy Flooring

Master Floor Preparers have aligned themselves with some of the worlds leading resin suppliers and have been awarded Master Applicator Status with Hychem, Nuplex, Conpell and Parchem

Master Floor Preparers have our own dedicated epoxy team specialising in providing specifications through to the professionally finished product, whether it is budget roll coats or high end commercial finishes such as  self levelling epoxies and polyurethane cements. 

These applications are used in Prisons, commercial car parks, Hospitals, water treatment plants, supermarkets, factories and commercial kitchens.

Examples of our larger recent projects are Target Pacific Fair, Darwin Prison, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Primo Smallgoods, Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, Gold Coast Hospital, Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets.



Deep Fill Toppings

Master Floor Preparers (MFP) are regarded as the Number 1 solution provider for deep fill toppings in South East Queensland

What is meant by Deep Fill Topping.  In simple terms anything that cannot be fixed by concrete which generally has a minimum thickness of 60mm; requires a solution by means of a selflvelling compound system.

MFP has completed the  largest project to date in Queensland,  the Q1 building, Master Floor Preparers worked with the builder to ensure  a flooring solution suitable for the whole building. MFP supplied and installed 100,000 bags.

In addition Master Floor Preparers have turned carparks into shopping centres, recent examples include the Indooroopilly Shpping Centre for Brookfield Multiplex where 27,000 sqm was turned into a Kmart, Woolworths and Coles. Average topping depth was 50mm using a system provided in conjuction with Ardex.

MFP uses the latest in dust minimisation procedures to the ensure the highest Health and Safety for both employees and clients. 


Master Floor Preparers (MFP) are licensed to under take Waterproofing projects 

Example of  projects of considerable size undertaken include the Gold Coast University Hospital and Gold Coast Private Hospital.

MFP worked with the builder, architect and supplier to provide  a complete solution to deliver system warranties from concrete to finished floor.

Diamond Grinding

Master Floor Preparers (MFP)  use the latest technology machines including Husqvarna and HTC grinding machines.

With a sizeable suite of machinery (currently holding a fleet of 10 large 800 grinders) and  an experienced workforce   Master Floor Preparers have the ability to undertake several projects at once. 

A programmed maintenance regime ensures these machines meet the strict compliance requirement for tier 1 builders. 

Flooring Removal

Master Floor Preparers have various ride on machines for tile/ terrazzo and timber removal. These include terminator and Bronco plus two bobcats with removal teeth attachments.

Master Floor Preparers also give you the benefit of configuring these machines to suit indoor and outdoor situations through the use of 3 phase power, gas and diesel.

Recent Large Project include terrazzo tile removal at Chermside Shopping Centre.


Master Floor Preparers can undertake scabbling of various depths and  have a large range of options for scabbling from small walk behind Blasttrac scabblers through to bobcat Schibeci profliers which can take up 50mm plus over extensive areas. 

Master Floor also give you the benefit of configuring our plant to suit indoor and out door situations through the use of 3 phase power, gas and diesel.

Shot Blasting

Shotblasting is a one-step method for stripping, cleaning and profiling surfaces in preparation for coatings and overlays.

Shotblasting systems produce a roughened texture that improves adhesion of decorative toppings, whilst also leaving surfaces dry and immediately ready for recoating or resurfacing.

Master Floor Preparers have various size Blasttrac machines  and have undertaken projects since inception in 2004 from small projects up to carpark projects of 50,000 sqm carparks in size

Moisture Treatments

Master Floor Preparers (MFP) provide and identify potential moisture issues and offer treatments to resolve these issues.

This identifying process is a key process in all ITPS and QA procedures assocaited with all waterproofing and floor topping applications.